How safe are you?

The question has been mentioned to many of us… How safe are you? What protects me? and what protects my kid?

When in person

Be alert and report–if there is an uncomfortable situation or something is building-up and it does not look or feel right, get away and let people know.

Ignore rumors but be mindful–its very easy for people to spread crazy rumors that are not based in fact. Be mindful of what is said, some rumors have a bases in fact. Some people do this because they themselves are covering up something, others do it because they don’t know better and some do it to be spiteful becuase they are trying to ruin someone’s image or reputation. Many people start rumors, check them out before you believe them. Confront and ask the person you hear the rumor about. Hear their side of the arguement. Don’t beleive something about someone just becuase someone said it.

Actions speak louder than words–watch those around you, how do they act, what is their history. How do those that have been around the person react to them? Do you have a guy feeling about that person?

Drama–dont start drama and you’ll be in a lot better shape and a lot safer.

Buddy System–yes it sounds childish but if your not comfortable going somewhere or have not been there before take a buddy and check it out. Even if youhave someone just come in an chill a few minutes when the event, activity or meeting first starts.

Use your resources

Check them out–there are lots of online places to check public records. Remember anyone can write and publish anything (freedom of the press) but it does not mean that it has not been misrepresented, twisted,  or certain facts deleted or re-phrased.

The Registry is also a good place to check out your neighborhood, you can search for individuals or by zip code. You should learn the concerns in your area before they become issues.   If someone is  not on the registry they have not been convicted of a sex crime.

Beware of people that lie and misrepresent things that they may not know anything about. Don’t be a rumor/gossip maker! It is againist the law to make up rumors and LIE about someone’s charactor. It’s called slander!  They are often doing this for there own agenda.

There are also many applications you can download to your smart phone that will let you search as well but the official state records are on the site listed above.

Not all “bad” people have been convicted so it is important to watch out and look for these people and help report them.

On the internet

Now this is a loaded gun, so to speak, especially with social media.

The purpose of Social media is to connect with people but not the wrong kind of people. Everyone needs to check their priviacy setting and make sure that everyone you post is not out there for everyone to see.

BEWARE of strangers that start asking you a lot of personal questions and do NOT give anyone your address or personal info. They could be out to get you! Watch what information you put out there for the world to see!   Don’t add people to your “friends” list that seem fake.  If a profile was recently created or does not have a real picture on it beware.

If someone you do not know send’s you a message or a link and it is not something you asked for or it has inappropriate content or is attacking someone, TURN IT IN!  Let the sataff at FB know you are getting these spams.

Social media is there to meet people and interact with people you know. Just be careful in whom all you talk to and what info you give them.

Stay away from sites and pages that like to attack and “go after” people.   Take the higher ground and do the right thing here.  It’s easy to get caught up in trash talk and such.

AAYC on the Internet

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Written by Matthew Hite, AAYC President


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