How close it too Close… by Matt Hite

Ok first off, I am bound by a legal agreement NOT to say anything negative about 6th Street massacre, Chainsaw Massacre or the owner of both properties Michael Fisher (ie MCF Management, ie but I do need to set a few things straight as this page has said and implied many things.

A few years ago there was a lawsuit between Amarillohaunts and Mike Fisher of 6th Street Massacre. The lawsuit was settled out of court and no one won. There was a compromise and in the compromise we all agreed NOT to talk about the other haunts or their owners and that we would NOT sell a group pass anymore. As an honorable person I will hold to my word, even if others do not and I will not use other profiles or ask others to defend me. I have no reason to; people will speak their minds as they wish; some without full knowledge of a situation.

About the article written in 2009; if you actually read the Amarillo Globe News article that they are using to gain followers and keep people from coming to a competing Haunted House downtown, Van Buren Frightmare. There was NO SEXUAL contact of any kind. The assault was a touch to the belly with a practice fencing sword and that is all. The article doesn’t say anything but hearsay and what one minor stated in a police report. That was a statement in an investigation, no fact. I left AISD in good standings, I still have a valid Texas Teachers Certificate and I’m registered as a volunteer (VIP) with AISD currently. I’m not listed in any type of registry because there is NO REASON for me to be listed. In the article the Boy Scout leaders defended me as well. This article was loosely written to let your imagination run wild with what “could have been” and this FB page has spend a lot of time and energy trying to help twist you to thinking negatively. There are hundreds and hundreds of people on the sex registry in Amarillo. I advise everyone to check the registry out, look for my name (not there) and check so you know possible issues in your neighborhood.

Lastly, I am NOT the owner of the AAYC or of Frightmare; that’s another mistruth. The AAYC is a 501C3 non-profit ran by a board of directors and they have chosen me as one of their leaders. I would not be in a position of responsibility here at the AAYC, several other non-profit board of directors and respected throughout Amarillo as a leader and child advocate if my character was not above reproach.

The AAYC is ran 100% by volunteers for the youth of Amarillo. No one at the AAYC gets paid. 1000s of youth, 100s of parents and many more people throughout our great community have and are involved at the AAYC and they know the real me and the all know that the AAYC is a safe place for our youth. They also know that the AAYC is a great organization and that one group targets me personally because it makes them feel good, most can see it’s because they are a competing haunt that has a vendetta against us.

I hope this helps set the record straight and as proof I’m NOT the one causing trouble here I have rated this haunted house in the middle (3 stars) because I know Mr. Fisher does a good job scaring people. I’m bound by a legal settlement listed above or I’d talk about his personality and character.

Sorry for this short novel and thanks for your time. If you have any questions please feel free to send me a message or comment and yes I’m sure they will try to rip this up; its ok I’m accustom to it at this point.

Matt Hite
AAYC Director