New Beginnings…

its-amazing-how-someone-can-break-your-heart-but-you-still-love-them-with-all-the-little-piecesAre what life is made up of. It is also made up of endings as well. The truth be told one usually evolves into another whether we want it or not. Some of these new beginnings are laced with emotions dangling around someone or something that we had to leave behind. Maybe we are holding onto some emotions regardless of how the relationship ended . You see it is difficult to turn off our feelings even though our interaction may have ceased.

It is okay to start a new beginning carrying old emotions. You may be thinking that cannot be right!! But if you think about this for a  moment, you will realize that no matter what we do in life we carry with us some old emotions. Most of us remember our very first romantic relationship. Some of us will smile at the thought of it. While others will shake their heads in disbelief, wondering how they ever dated that person in the first place. Whichever situation you find yourself in, these emotions form the basis of all of your future relationships.  This is how we have learned what kind of person we are attracted to.

All of this is true with one very important exception, OUR CHILDREN.  They seem to be our Achilles Heel despite  the relationship we have with them.The entire time they are growing up, we as parents strive to make as many opportunities available to them as possible. Some of our children will jump on top of these situations while others will balk. But when they are grown and it is time for them to enter into their own lives, a new beginning unlike any other occurs.

Suddenly the house is quiet and lifeless. All those days of scampering footsteps are long past. Alone with our own thoughts, is not as appealing as it seemed when everyone was around. But within that silence there can be solace. Comfort that is in knowing that our children are now adults. They will be capable of making good decisions for themselves. Because of what WE have taught them. And if they slip and fall a little, that is okay too. It is all a part of becoming an adult. They do NOT need to hold your hand. That time has passed!

Your new beginning is right in front of you coupled with a successful past.Take all of those positives with you and use them to your advantage in your new pursuits. Whatever they may be!!

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