What Childhood Is Made Of…

bronze-children-statues are long summer days filled with laughter and playing.That is for children who are healthy and living in a family structure that is loving and supportive. But summer can be long and torturous for those who are the victims of child abuse. If you are saying to yourself “I do not know any child who is being abused” you may not be able to recognize some obvious signs.

Children who are abused are usually afraid to speak up.They have been warned that something FAR worse will happen to them if they say anything to anyone. They remain silent also from a sense of shame. These feelings are drilled into their head from those who are abusing them. They have been told over and over again that they are stupid or unworthy of what everyone else is getting.

I knew of a child whose mother would hit her the majority of the time she was growing up. The mother never laid a finger on her older brother. One day the mother told the little girl that she knew exactly when to stop hitting her as to avoid causing any bruising. No one would ever suspect that the mother was abusing her. There were no outward signs and the mother had a prominent position in the town.

This plan would have worked indefinitely for the mother except for one thing. As the daughter grew up she developed an eating disorder. At one of her annual checkups the doctor told the mother that the child’s condition warranted contacting the authorities. The girl was close to being emaciated. She stood five feet four inches  tall and weighed a mere ninety eight pounds.

For the first time the mother was the one in the spotlight.Suddenly the little girls world changed dramatically for the better. Her mother went out of her way to make sure the child was eating every meal every day. That was something that had never happened before. It took that little girl a long time to get to a weight that was in normal range.

She was one of the lucky ones. Most of the time children remain silently imprisoned in a world created by the adults who surround them! The only way to create change is to BE the change!!

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