Role Models

When we are growing up we look to our role models for inspiration and use this as a guide for how we should behave when we’re older. In later life when we are striving for that same kind of success our role model showed us, it could bring us happiness. Then having the correct role model will help us learn to be successful and adaptive in later life, and that we are happy when we are older having achieved that aim. It’s very important to get the right role model for yourself, and to provide one for your children.

The most common role models for any child are the parents, followed by other immediate family members. This is why it’s so important to be a good role model– as children imitate your behavior. That means that if you smoke, you can expect your child to take up smoking later in life. If you swear meanwhile they too will swear. They will also find other role models elsewhere, as they grow older, just as you probably have different role models today. This is even more the case if you or they are somehow lacking in immediate role models. When we look elsewhere for role models we are have many options. We have our peers, we have characters from the media – comics, films, books, the music industry, sports and all of these can become a big influence on us and how we present ourselves. This might mean they affect us in a minor way leading us to alter the clothes we wear and our habits, or in a major way, leading us to make important considerations in our career or love life that make us closer to our idols, or changing our views on politics or religion.

So what is a good role model?

A good role model should be someone hard working, creative, free thinking and moral. While you can’t choose role models for your children as such, you can make sure that they are exposed to a better selection to choose from. For example encouraging your child to read ‘Superman’ rather than‘The Punisher’ (who murders his enemies and has a general bad attitude) might have a good impact on the way they turn out. However, it’s important not to put role models on a pedestal, everyone makes mistakes.

Where can I find a role model?

As I have mentioned previously, role models are all around us. They come from unlikely places and different walks of life, they come from media and they come from programs geared towards our youth. It has been said the younger generations have no aim, but what can we do about that? Having someone the youth of Amarillo can look up to as a positive role model benefits the youth and help guide them to become successful adults. There aren’t many organizations in Amarillo for the youth, but the AAYC is making its impact as one of the few. The AAYC is a place youth can come to do community service, take sports lessons or just play ball; whatever the reason maybe that draws the kids there. These kids may show up for an activity, but they go away with more than what they came for. The leaders and coaches take time to talk to everyone who comes in, they take a personal interest in their successes. They teach the kids what it means to be a part of a community by helping others and giving back to society. In my early teen years I met Matthew Hite  and several other leaders of the AAYC, and quickly found a group of people who were willing to sacrifice anything for others. I admired the way they were able to find a way to help those who needed it and wanted to do the same in my life. I began volunteering with the AAYC and used my time there to learn what it means to help others. It may be giving someone food to eat or even listening to someone talk about their day. Having a role model such as the ones I found in the AAYC has taught me I can make a difference to someone, and that I can influence others as well.

carajohnson1  This blog was written by Cara Johnson;


The Youth of Today

The Youth of Today


We have all heard it, “The youth of today…” fill in the blank, it has been said. The most common I hear is this: “The youth of today have no ambition”. People can talk all they want to about the youth of today, but all they are doing is just that, talking. In order for things to change, something must be done, something for Amarillo’s youth. When AAYC opened their doors many youth saw it as a place they could go to have fun and be safe. A place where they could go and learn something new and get to know other people who they may not have ever met.

I participated in several community service events at the AAYC in order to get into the program I wanted to for college, and I worked with several people who were there for other reasons. We were expected to respect each other and get along, which was not hard because when it came down to it, we were all kids needing something this program had to offer. These times taught me a lot about the other kids, some did not have access to food and some did not have goals once they got out of high school. I saw several occasions the staff making sure these kids had food and talking to them about college admissions. Looking back at it now, I am glad this program was able to go above an beyond for the kids that needed it.

The program I was most involved in as a teenager was the fencing program. I started in the program when I was in middle school and continued it as it changed into the AAYC program. The idea of fencing brings many ideas to mind: from using pickets and nails to the older form of fencing. The AAYC offers the modern Olympic style classes one night a week, but what most do not realize, it teaches you more than swordplay.

During my years in the program I was taught how to work in a team; relying on others and having others rely on me for our success. Even though fencing is an individual sport, having others there to support you and guide you is important, even if it is to hand you a bottle of water.

I learned what sportsmanship is about. In fencing you can loose over and over, and still move on to the elimination rounds. What I found unique about fencing is the level of respect that is asked win or loose. You salute each other and the referee each bout and you shake hands at the end. After a loss it was not uncommon for your opponent to coach you in what you should have done. I don’t know of any other sport where your opponent will help improve your skills.

As for ambition, I learned what it was going to take to succeed and I worked towards it. I was not aiming to be an Olympic level fencer, but rather someone who was enjoying something they loved.

Though I am no longer involved fully with the fencing program, its lessons will always stick with me. Think before you act, follow the rules or you will injure yourself, be there for your team and most of all work towards your goals. This program is here to serve the youth of Amarillo and guide them to being the best person that they can be. The AAYC has had an impact on my current life, leading me to currently working on my masters degree so I too can work with children who are needing someone that they know is there for them, just as I have seen this program do.

carajohnson1      This blog post was written By Cara Johnson

Kars 4 Kids!

The Kars 4 Kids Car Show was a great success, and we would like to thank everyone who came out and supported us. We raised a lot of money that is going to help build up the AAYC and create a better environment for kids to grow and learn.

Special Thanks to Jacob Morin for his awesome artwork. Check him out here at:

Special Thanks to Jacob Morin for his awesome artwork. Check him out here at: that is going to help build up the AAYC and make it a better place place for kids to grow and learn.

What really made the Car Show great was the effort our volunteers put in. Current and former kids who have been a part of the AAYC came out and did their part to ensure that the show went smoothly and that everyone had a good time. From hosting fun activities to presiding over the Silent Auction, our volunteers really made the event the success that it was.

So, for any of y’all reading. we want to give a huge thanks for all of the great work you did.

Thank you for your time and your effort.

Thank you for your patience and great attitude.

Thank you for making us a stronger organization.


Kars 4 Kids Car and Truck Show June 8th

The AAYC is doing its first Annual Kars for Kids Car and Truck show this coming weekend on June 8th.  We are inviting EVERYONE to come out for FREE to see all the GREAT Cars and TRUCKS in Amarillo.

We will have activities for the entire family, games, safety instruction, cars, trucks, bikes, food, fun and much more.  You dont want to miss out on this one.   We will also have event T-shirts on sale for $10 each while supplies last!

If you have a car to register its not too late.  Register your car today to win great prizes.  Only $25 for your first can and $20 for each car after that!  Please call 373-2292 if you have questions or visit the web-site listed below.

The event will be just outside the AAYC at 816 S Van Buren. It starts  at 10:00 and awards are at 3:00.  We look forward to seeing all of Amarillo’s support at this event!

Want more info about our car show?  Check us out on-line at


Kars4kidsThis post writting by the Kars4Kids Car Show Committee

My time at the AAYC


Hello my name is Chance Biggers and I would like to speak on behalf of the A.A.Y.C. and what impact it has had on my life.   I have ben homeless and on drugs for the majority of my life. On probation for drugs and thought at the time their was no hope for me! Matt Hite one of the leaders of the A.A.Y.C opened his door regardless of my past and helped me out in a real way!! I started out there helping with the haunted house for community service probation was forcing me too do!! Shortly after that I was a part of the magic!! The A.A.YC. was a place for me too learn morals and realize there is a life out there, YOU just have to get out there and make one!! I also was going through some financial problems and wasn’t able to proper nutrition Matt couldnt let me go hungary he had a big heart and would feed me every time I came up there!! The A.A.Y.C is a great place for the Amarillo area and is a good impact on the community!! I am great full they where there for me no telling where I would be now… Now I work for a giant corporation and travel the world thanks to there help and time!! I am greatful there is a place that gets involved in teens lives and doesnt kick them to the curb!

Chance Biggers This blog entry was written by Chance Biggers (past AAYC Volunteer)